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We collaborate closely with our partners to deliver an extensive range of tailored services and solutions, ensuring all your technology needs are met with excellence and innovation.

man in gray long sleeve shirt using Windows 11 computer
man in gray long sleeve shirt using Windows 11 computer



Bridging Innovations from UAE to Iraq

Based in the UAE, Seenen facilitates and enhances the specialized services of its sister companies in Iraq, ensuring seamless integration and superior solutions across borders

Al Nabaa Information Technologies

Delivers cutting-edge IT solutions and services to drive digital transformation, specializing in software development and system integration tailored to meet specific business needs.

person using MacBook Pro
person using MacBook Pro
Al Nabaa Network Solutions

Provides robust and scalable network solutions, ensuring optimal connectivity and performance through expert network design, installation, and management.

Offers comprehensive maintenance services to enhance operational efficiency and extend the lifespan of physical assets, focusing on preventive maintenance and rapid repair.

Al Nabaa Maintenance Services
blue UTP cord
blue UTP cord
person holding green and black circuit board
person holding green and black circuit board
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